LAVA® INFRARED HEATING Efficient warmth with infrared.

why are ETHERMA infrared heaters so special?

Optimal radiation effect

The radiation efficiency indicates how much of the heat radiation generated in the heating panel arrives in the room - in other words, it is the ratio of emitted radiation power to the supplied electrical energy.

ETHERMA infrared heaters convince with a very high radiation efficiency! The heat radiation is MAXIMUM forward and has thanks to optimal insulation of the back hardly losses to the rear. Due to the large radiating surfaces and the homogeneous surface temperature of the infrared heaters, the room heats up
even and not only in zones (no radiation asymmetry).



Ideal materials for more warmth.

Decisive for the quality is the surface finish of an infrared heater. Materials such as glass, stainless steel or ceramics have a high radiation effect and are therefore ideal for efficient radiation into the room.

In this case, surfaces are often referred to as ceramic, but in fact enamelled. The email is then applied again either on metal or glass.

Tested quality & safety

For ETHERMA, quality is not just a lip service. We voluntarily give our products for external quality testing. The efficient and technically perfected LAVA® infrared heaters have the CE and TÜV seal of approval, thus demonstrating standardized processing and the necessary safety of the panels.

Despite the rapid warm-up phase, two temperature limiters prevent the overheating and also the danger of burning when touching the panel. The six millimeter thick tempered safety glass or the special ceramic plate and the Teflon-insulated, high-temperature-resistant dipole heating element guarantee maximum safety.

Made in Austria

Regional production for international standards.

In order to meet our and your requirements day by day, ETHERMA develops and produces the LAVA® infrared heaters with high-quality materials in our home country of Austria. In the two production sites near Salzburg, the infrared heaters are manufactured to the highest, international standards, subjected to a quality inspection by experts and carefully prepared for transport to your home.

Buying cheap means buying expensive.

You can see and feel the difference - make the comparison with other manufacturers!

Anyone who relies on a LAVA® infrared heater from ETHERMA not only receives a perfect quality product, but also benefits from the exceptional service provided by ETHERMA.

ETHERMA is committed to its roots and has therefore deliberately decided against production in low-wage countries. However, compared to other heating systems, the investment is still up to 70 percent lower.


The round infrared heating panel for wall & ceiling.
400 W
For ceiling and wall mounting
Frameless infinity design
Steel housing, white RAL 9016
Max. 120 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money
The extra thin infrared heating panel.
240, 450, 700, 900 W
Extra thin construction
Very low installation depth
Maximum security against breakage & overheating
Max. 95 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money
The entry-level infrared heating panel for the wall.
250, 500, 750, 1000 W
Horizontal and vertical wall mounting
Frameless infinity design
Steel housing
Max. 95 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money
GLAS 2.0
The glass infrared heating panel for the wall.
250, 500, 600, 750, 800, 1000 W
Horizontal and vertical wall mounting
Frameless infinity desgin
6 mm ESG saftey glass
Max. 95 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money
The ceramic infrared heating panel for the wall.
250, 500, 750, 1000 W
Horizontal and vertical wall mounting
Frameless infinity design
6 mm special ceramics
Max. 95 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money
The rock hard infrared heating panel.
250, 500, 750, 1000 W
Horizontal and vertical wall mounting
Frameless infinity design
6 mm porcelain stone
Max. 95 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money
Infrared heating panel as substitute for storage heaters.
1000 & 1500 W
Horizontal wall mounting
Extra powerful & space saving
6 mm ESG safety glass
Max. 95 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money
BATH 2.0
Bath infrared heating panel with towel rail.
350, 400, 500, 600, 700 W
Vertical wall mounting
1 towel holder included
6 mm ESG safety glass / steel
Max. 80 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money
Individual infrared heating panel with customer image.
180, 350, 500, 700 W
Horizontal and vertical wall mounting
Design your LAVA (picture/logo)
6 mm ESG safety glass
Max. 70 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money
Bath infrared heating panel with customer image & towel rail.
350, 500, 700 W
Vertical wall mounting
Design your LAVA (picture/logo)
6 mm ESG safety glass / steel
Max. 70 °C surface temp.
Maintenance free - saves money


LAVA® Plug & Play: Plug in and go

All LAVA® infrared heating units are delivered as standard without a control unit, with a plug-in connector cable and an ON/OFF switch. They are, therefore, ideal for new construction and anywhere where wired room thermostats are used. The Plug & Play connector system (IP65) allows either a direct connection to a wired room thermostat, the simple integration of a LAVA®-F wireless receiver or control directly on the unit with a LAVA®-R thermostat.


LAVA®-R: The integrated thermostat

The LAVA®-R thermostat can be connected to any LAVA® 2.0 easily using its plug-in connector system. In combination with the eNEXHO home automation system, you can control your LAVA®-R with a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet.


Wired room thermostats:

Ideal for new buildings and renovation, for example when old night storage heaters, which were controlled by thermostat, are replaced.



LAVA®-F: Easy by radio

Do you want to avoid costly stripping and plastering work when laying wires? Then a radio thermostat is the right choice. Simply plug in with new LAVA® Plug & Play.






Ideal as an overall solution for very well insulated homes, such as low energy- and passive housing.


In addition to existing heating systems (such as heat pumps, pellet heaters, etc.) For use in areas like the bathroom, wellness areas, bedrooms, living areas and conservatories.


Replacement of existing heating systems. Particularly as part of a thermal renovation.


Heating for individual areas in larger rooms (such as entry halls, work areas, workshops, etc.)


While modern gas heating or pump systems require the appropriate piping to transfer the hot water, infrared heaters only require access to a wall socket. Particularly in older buildings, which were heated without water-dependent heating systems, there are no heating pipes or heat circuit pumps, and these must be laid first. This construction expense is not needed for infrared heating, which allows fast, cost-effective and dust-free modernisation of the heating system.

Compared to infrared heating, the components of water-dependent heating systems respond slowly to changing temperatures, as the heating medium (water) must first be heated before it can distribute its pleasant warmth into the room. This process is not necessary with infrared heating.



Infrared heating systems can be controlled intelligently by means of an electronic thermostat. The owner can slide the latter into the heating panel using Plug and Play. When connected with a Smart Home system, your own infrared heating can communicate with other technical equipment in the house. Trouble-free remote access is thus also possible. Homeowners can easily adjust and control their infrared heating while on holiday, using their smartphone or tablet. This heating control, suited to your own heating needs, allows further heating cost savings. Further information on infrared heating can also be found here.


More economical heating with infrared

Modern heating distributes warmth, saves energy and is environmentally friendly. With LAVA® infrared heating, a design element is created which not only generates comfortable warmth, but also forms an essential component of your indoor lighting.

Thanks to the particularly snug feel created by infrared warmth, you will feel comfortable at lower room temperatures - thus saving on electricity and heating costs.  

Ingenious warmth - because infrared radiant heat ensures a healthy room climate. Shapely and elegant, the LAVA® is a work of art which radiates warmth.



In Melbourne, the plan was to create a modern yoga studio with an extraordinary atmosphere - while at the same time being environmentally friendly, and saving energy. The major challenge was to heat the high rooms to a constant 27°C - without generating drafts from the heating ventilation.


LAVA®-GLAS-DM infrared heaters for ceiling installation provided the ideal heating solution. Radiated infrared warmth warms people, walls and objects directly - thus avoiding air circulation of the kind necessary for convection heating. Suspending the heaters from the ceiling provides loss-less warmth to the yoga students, and their elegant black design contributes to the studio's stylish ambience. 

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