ROOF HEATING Protect your building.


White snow or icicles on gutters are beautiful to look at - but they also pose great dangers for passers-by and cars. Roof areas and buildings are often statically overloaded by the large amounts of snow and, in the worst case, can even collapse. In the event of snowfall and prolonged cold, gutters and downpipes are at risk from ice formation. Meltwater occurs when snow is exposed to the sun and cannot run off in the already icy gutters. As a result, downpipes can burst or permanent facade damage can occur.

Individually planned frost protection solutions for roofs, pipes and gutters offer reliable protection. Every roof is different - that is why we offer a wide variety of frost protection systems to match the roof and gutter construction and their requirements. These are characterized by a high level of operational reliability, simple installation and a particularly long service life.


Did you know that you, as the landowner, have to ensure that adjacent sidewalks, including the associated staircases, have to be cleared of snow, as well as any roof avalanches and icicles on the building?

So do you really want to climb onto your roof in a snowstorm to clear it of the snow, go out early in the morning to clear snow or climb a ladder to dangerous heights to remove icicles? Instead, make yourself comfortable at home - the ETHERMA roof and gutter heating protects you and your building. With the ETHERMA product range, you no longer have to fear sudden changes in the weather and can enjoy the pleasant side of winter without worries. Once installed, you actually don't have to worry about them.


Gutters and downpipes must be kept free so that they can work properly. Dangers in these areas mostly comprise freezing condensation or large amounts of snow, which clog gutters and downpipes. The heating must therefore be designed in such a way that ice and snow melt away, rapidly and reliably. The only way to do this is to ensure the right output and a perfect control system. The ETHERMA planning team will configure the heating system to your specific requirements.


Efficient roof area heating heats only when the temperature is low enough, and from certain humidity levels. This means that the heating stays off in dry cold spells, as well as during rainfall at sufficiently high temperatures. In this way, you can heat efficiently with a full-automated control system which simultaneously monitors temperature and humidity.

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