AQUA WHP Product overview and technical data.

AQUA WHP - hot water heat pump

The AQUA WHP hot water heat pump guarantees efficient hot water preparation in both new buildings and modernizations. It is equally suitable for use in new and existing buildings. Applications in which the room air needs to be cooled, for example in a food storage room or a wine cellar, are ideal.

Use either circulating air or outside air

As a circulating air heat pump, AQUA WHP uses the air directly from the room in which it is installed. Heat is extracted from the room air, which the heat pump uses to heat the drinking water in the storage tank to up to 62 ° C. The cooling of the room air also removes moisture from the room. This protects the building fabric and increases the quality of living. With the outside air adapter and connected air ducts, the heat pump can easily be switched to outside air operation. This is particularly necessary in well-insulated new buildings in order not to cool the building down. The heat pump works efficiently up to an outside air temperature of -5 ° C.

  • Noise optimized fan system

  • Large surface evaporator for efficient heat exchange and defrosting

  • Heat exchanger for connection of an external heat generator or solar collectors

  • External condenser

  • Easy commissioning due to pre-assembled unit and preset control system

  • Pre-assembled control unit for intuitive and easy operation

  • Quick heating function with electric heating element

  • Smart grid capable - suitable for the use of self-generated electricity from photovoltaic systems

  • Consumption-dependent, automatic heating of the storage water heater depending on consumer behavior in conjunction with smart functions

Operating voltage: 230 V
Content: 254 l
Max. electrical power consumption: 2,25 kW
Electrical power consumption of the electric heating element: 1,5 kW
Electrical power consumption of the heat pump: 0,75 kW
Max. permissible drinking water temperature: 65 °C
Max permissible drinking water temperature in connection with photovoltaic system: 62 °C
Max. permissible operating pressure: 10 bar
Colour: White
Tipping dimension: 1917 mm
Energy efficiency class: A+

Central water heating for single-family houses.


Coefficient of performance COP: 3.26 (with outdoor air operation, air inlet temperature of 7 °C and room temperature of 20 °C)

Refrigerant: R134a

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