LAVAART A work of art which radiates warmth.



As so often in the art world, the answer could simply be - why not? LAVAART is the logical further development of an original concept - LAVA® infrared heating systems. LAVA® first saw the light of day as "a work of art which radiates warmth" in 2009. It originated from the idea of elevating heating to a new dimension in terms of design. While heaters were once often unnecessary evils, which you are happy to put away or cover up, the LAVA® was intended to become an essential component of your interior architecture. Towards the end of 2016, the idea emerged of developing a standalone LAVAART line, and to work on these with well-known artists. The choice was made - internationally known Salzburg artist Jürgen Norbert Fux, whose contemporary art so effectively expresses so much that ETHERMA stands for. He too is constantly reinventing himself, and he is an outspoken aesthetic.




LAVAART provides you not only with comfortable warmth, but also an actual work of art. Each of these art pieces is produced in strictly limited numbers - once gone, they will never be produced again. The authenticity of your LAVAART infrared heating system will be confirmed with an original label and certificate. 


Jürgen Norbert Fux was born in Anif, Salzburg, in 1975. He lives and works there, as well as in the USA and Israel. The focus of his artistic work is in portrait photography. Printed on glass and plastic substrates, on skins and furs, framed or supported with steel and stainless steel, he creates complex, three-dimensional photographic items. Each of his works bears his unique trademark, Jürgen Norbert Fux's personal barcode.

The interplay of aesthetic photography and high-quality materials allows the artist to constantly develop in creative terms, to live out a variety of fantasies, and to immortalise people and animals in a particularly artistic opus. His photographic works of art invite the viewer to look beneath the surface. This process is as exciting as it is complex, just like the completed product of his art. The individual is immortalised in unique ways in the image. The emotions, fears and hopes which the artist recognises in his subjects are reflected in exciting ways.

It is precisely this deep insight into a person's soul which make Jürgen Norbert Fux's portraits truly special. His animal portraits are popular around the world. His portraits of a particularly beloved pet, mostly on leather, provide a permanent memento for the owner, even beyond the passing of this animal member of the family.

"Action" - another part of his artistic world - is used by Fux in his topic, "Animal and Man", as well as for other burning current social issues. Fux himself forms part and parcel of Salzburg's lively social life, and he takes every opportunity to incorporate people and their behaviour, as well as social events and situations rather unpleasant for him in his action artworks.


Approaching through the mist, the lady feels a certain affection for the viewer. The steadfast yet stolen glance also reveals the surprise that she feels in that the situation. Not everything is revealed, but her golden mouth suggests financial security.

Motif: The Wolkenlady (2016)
Format: 130 cm x 63 cm
Technique: Play of colours
LAVA®: GLAS 2.0, 500 W 


Delicate yet determined, friendly yet firm. Paired with the innocence of heaven. Moving, and yet dangerous.

Motif: Bestechend (2016)
Format: 130 cm x 63 cm
Technique: Play of colours
LAVA®: GLAS 2.0, 500 W 


The black "shadow" on the face reveals the current mood in Hollywood - not the Mecca of the film world, but Hollywood, Florida. The image was created at the time of Donald Trump's election, transforming this beautiful part of Florida with a stroke across the ballot sheet (the face).

Motif: Hollywood (2017)
Format: 63 cm x 130 cm
Technique: Play of colours
LAVA®: GLAS 2.0, 500 W 


Colours in combination with the body and face. A woman, who knows what she wants, but who must still be treated with caution. The scene is intended to remind you of a first kiss, of course bestowed by this lady, making any man powerless to resist!

Motif: 4_1 (2016)
Format: 63 cm x 130 cm
Technique: Play of colours
LAVA®: GLAS 2.0, 500 W 

LAVAART was presented to the public for the first time in June, in Gmunden. A large number of interested visitors came to admire the LAVAART for the first time. Jürgen N. Fux presented his artwork, and was delighted by LAVAART's introduction of art into the living area - in the form not only of a piece of art, but also a heating system.

If you would like to experience the LAVAART first-hand, and gain an impression of its quality and design, you are warmly invited to our showroom in Henndorf.

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