CHURCH HEATING A real blessing for any church.


Warmth and security. This is what most people seek in church. Many parishioners rely on church heating systems from ETHERMA to meet this need, even in the coldest of seasons. Architecturally sensitive, cost-effective, long-lasting and safe - this is how we evaluate our church heating systems. And of course also according to the satisfaction of anyone who is dependent on a daily basis on their operation.


Previously, incandescent radiant heaters were mounted beneath most church pews, known and feared by churchgoers as "leg toasters". Electric heating with pew heating bodies is preferable, as the warmth is generated in the immediate area of the seat. This long-wave radiation warms the entire foot area under the pew. The temperature can thus be increased by up to 12°C in as little as 15 minutes. The radiation also provides an effective shield against the cold of the floor area. Air movement and drafts are also minimised through the use of convection. Also suitable for confessional boxes, and organists' benches.


Every House of God is unique. Consequently, we do not sell standard products, but rather develop the optimal solution for every individual church. This requires thorough planning taking into consideration the requirements and technical conditions, as well as possible regulations by the building authority, and last but not least, financial constraints.


Heating a church requires taking numerous construction and heating technology conditions into consideration. Challenges include not only the thermal inertia of the church - it may be warm outside, but the church interior is still cold - but also the height of the interior space and the difficulties in installing a conventional heating system. Conventional heating systems require an extended warming-up period - the warmth first collects in the ceiling area, may possibly dry out old paintings and is only effective once the area of warm air reaches the floor. This requires a significant output of heat, which is also very costly.


KST church pew heating bodies are dark radiators which provide localised heating in churches. Special ventilation slits deliver warmth almost exclusively to the front. Particularly suitable for churches which are only used once a week. The electrical connection comprises unit plugs - wiring completed at the factory simplifies installation.  The units have integrated overheating protection with automatic re-activation and a special break-proof heating element with no incandescent heating coil. Angled connectors are included in the scope of supply.

  • Fast warm-up

  • Plugs on both sides

  • Straightforward installation

  • Comfortable ambient warmth

Voltage: 230 V
Output: 400 W/lfm
Heat dissipation: Single direction - forward
Surface temperature: 80°C
Colour: Clay brown, RAL 8003
Body: galvanized steel sheet
Device depth: 60 mm
Unit width: 185 mm
IP rating: IP 21
Protection class: I
Certification: ÖVE

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