Heating with infrared panels is different from other heating systems. Normally, the air in the room (convection heating) is heated. Infrared panels, on the contrary, heat all objects in the room. When these objects are heated, they release the heat back into the room. For example, you can heat your entire home with infrared panels. However, it is also possible to heat only a certain part of your home with infrared panels. For example, by hanging an infrared heater above the sitting area in the living room. When you sit in the area of radiant heat, it feels comfortably warm, even if the room temperature around you is lower. This allows you to lower the central heating and still enjoy warmth.

There are many different types of infrared heaters. Some can be mounted on the ceiling as well as on the wall. For flexible use, the mobile stand infrared heater is particularly suitable. In the bathroom, the special bathroom heating panels with integrated towel rail score points, optionally also as mirror heating or as individual picture heating.



Infrared panels are great for supplemental heating. For example, think about a heating panel above the seating area or rooms that you use only briefly or little.


Infrared panels are suitable as the main heating system in well-insulated buildings. Ideal in combination with own power generation by a photovoltaic system.



Infrared panels provide radiant heat. Thus, they do not heat the air, but objects and your body. This way you heat in a very targeted and efficient way.


Infrared panels have a short warm-up time (< 10 min.). This allows you to benefit almost immediately from the pleasant radiant heat!


Very easy to install. Experience infrared radiant heat by starting with one infrared panel. You can always install more, all you need is an electrical outlet.

The types of infrared heatings

Infrared heating ceiling LAVA® BASIC-DM

The ceiling is the ideal place to mount an infrared panel. This is true for a whole house as well as for an office, a bedroom or a bathroom. With an infrared heater on the ceiling, there is a suitable solution for every situation.

Why is ceiling mounting so ideal?

Often there is already a power outlet on the ceiling. The power outlet is usually placed centrally to the room. Just take a look at your bedroom: where on the ceiling can you find the power outlet? Rooms up to about 15 m² can be comfortably heated with 1 infrared panel on the ceiling. The power depends on the insulation of the building and the desired temperature in the room.

Infrared heating for walls LAVA 2.0

The LAVA® 2.0 models are infrared panels for the wall. The infrared heaters are available in various surfaces such as steel or glass as well as in the version as a mirror heater or with your own motif as a picture heater. All 2.0 models are standard equipped with a junction box on the back of the infrared heater. This means that, thanks to the Plug & Play system, they can be controlled both by means of a thermostat on the device and via radio or built-in thermostat. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer.

  • Simple and flexible installation on the wall without the need for any work on tearing it up

  • Demand-oriented control (frost protection, time programs)

  • Hardly any heat loss and maximum radiation to the front thanks to optimally insulated rear side

  • Ideal for allergy sufferers & asthmatics (no dust turbulence)

  • Perfect in combination with PV system & green electricity

  • Very low investment costs & no maintenance costs

  • Integration into the Smart-Home-System

  • Quality "Made in Austria

Mobile infrared warmth LAVA STAND

The LAVA® STAND is a mobile infrared panel. Thanks to the carrying handle, you can place the mobile heater in almost any room. Just think about offices, living rooms, bathrooms, containers or even bedrooms. The mobile infrared heater is ready for use at any time thanks to integrated control on the back. The product is ready to plug in, in short, you can start right away!

Perfect also for rooms that you do not use so often. So you can turn down the heating here and only when needed specifically supply the desired area with infrared heat.


Versatile, easy to install, convincingly practical - the LAVA® DESK 2.0 optimally combines these three advantages. The LAVA® DESK 2.0 provides the perfect heat for desks. Thanks to the simple mounting, the infrared panel can be easily mounted under a desk for exactly the desired heat output. With a height of only 15 mm, this infrared panel is virtually invisible under the desk and takes up no space. This allows you to keep the room at a lower temperature while heating it locally efficiently and comfortably. Ideal for saving energy.

Infrared heating for bathroom LAVA® BATH 2.0

Infrared heating is ideal for use in the bathroom. The infrared heat radiation of the heating panels can be compared with the heat radiation of the sun. The infrared radiation creates a pleasant feeling of warmth as soon as it touches your skin - as if the sun is kissing you. This is especially pleasant after showering or bathing, as there is an increased need for heat here. Another advantage of infrared heating in the bathroom is the short warm-up time. Especially in rooms that are only used temporarily, such as a bathroom, a short response time is not only pleasant, but also saves valuable energy.

Mode of operation of infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are radiant heaters - that is, the infrared panels emit infrared heat radiation. This radiant heat comes in the form of heat waves. As soon as the infrared radiation hits an object or person, the heat is felt. At the same time, the objects, walls and people absorb the heat, store it and gradually release it back into the room. Thus, infrared heaters do not heat the air as in convection heating, but act directly (direct heating). As a heating system, radiant heaters are particularly suitable in well-insulated buildings. Then the average room temperature can be kept a few degrees lower and still we feel the temperature as pleasantly comfortable due to the direct heat radiation. This saves energy and costs!

Infrared heaters are also a blessing for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Because there is no warm-cold gradient due to heated air, there is almost no dust swirling in the rooms.

Infrared heaters are extremely durable (like all electrical installations), absolutely maintenance-free, without heat loss and the installation is done in a few simple steps. Enough reasons to become more sustainable with infrared heating.

  • Sustainable alternative to gas and oil

  • Energy savings of 10-20%

  • Clean and healthy air through radiant heat

  • 100% maintenance free

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