INSTANTANEOUS WATER HEATERS Efficient hot water preparation with ETHERMA AQUA.

Hot water - conveniently and efficiently prepared.

Decentralized hot water preparation with ETHERMA AQUA instantaneous water heaters is not only an economical, but also an ecologically sensible solution. The water is heated close to the point of use so that only the water actually required is heated to the desired temperature and not, as is the case with storage solutions, for example, the water is kept warm with high energy consumption throughout the day. A major advantage over hydraulic instantaneous water heaters. These always heat the water up to the performance limit, so that the water then has to be lowered again to the desired temperature by mixing with cold water. The efficiency increases considerably and you save up to 30% in energy compared to hydraulic devices. In addition, the short piping routes, in contrast to centralized hot water preparation, reduce heat losses to a minimum and no standby energy is wasted - this saves costs and makes the instantaneous water heater extremely efficient.

Because it is clear that, in addition to heating, the preparation of hot water consumes most of the energy in the household.

Instantaneous water heaters in the bathroom and kitchen

The bathroom is the place in the house or apartment where the most hot water is needed. In the mornings and evenings in particular, it can happen that several people are in the bathroom at the same time. It must then be possible to produce enough warm water for the washbasin and shower.

Performance is the magic word here! In order for the bathroom to remain your oasis of well-being, there must be no temperature fluctuations even when hot water is being used at the tap and shower, for example - because nobody likes a cold shower. It takes good, above all, constant performance. You should therefore rely on a high-quality and high-performance product! Our office team will be happy to advise you which service is the right one for your needs.

The kitchen is also an ideal place to use the instantaneous water heater. Thanks to their compact design, they can be placed under or above the kitchen sink to save space and provide hot water at all times.

How a water heater works.

The water in the instantaneous water heater is heated by heating coils as it flows through it. Sensors recognize the temperature and amount of the incoming water so that the electronics of the instantaneous water heater know how much power is required to reach the previously set temperature. The heated water then flows directly to the tap - such as the sink or shower - and comes out there at the ideal temperature.

The connected load of the instantaneous water heater determines how much water can be heated at once: the higher the output, the more water is the rule of thumb. It is important that the device is correctly designed for its use, so that the desired temperature can be guaranteed with large amounts of water.

Ideal in new buildings and renovations

In new buildings, an electric instantaneous water heater is the ideal addition to the generation of hot water in an electric heating system such as underfloor or infrared heating. Instead of a central hot water storage tank, which has to keep the water warm over the long term and distribute the hot water in the building via long-term raw watering, instantaneous water heaters can heat water just before the tap. The ETHERMA AQUA instantaneous water heaters can be combined with a solar system and bring the preheated water directly to the desired temperature.

In the course of renovations, there is often no central hot water preparation in old buildings - electronic instantaneous water heaters are also ideally suited here. They can be easily retrofitted and offer a particularly good price-performance ratio.Ebenso in Ferienhäusern oder Räumen, die nur temporär genutzt werden - hier eine zentrale Warmwasserlösung anzuwenden, wäre Energie- und Kostenverschwendung. Dagegen kann eine Kombination von zentraler und dezentraler Versorgung Sinn machen, wenn letzteres für weit entfernte Zapfstellen genutzt wird oder auch bei nachträglichem Bedarf, wo keine zentrale Entnahme möglich ist.




No heat loss and short cable routes - only heats when hot water is required directly at the point of consumption.



Unlimited and constant hot water at the desired temperature - no long warm-up times or empty storage tanks.



Drinking water quality - no risk of legionella as there is no stagnant, warm water.



Uncomplicated installation without time-consuming demolition work.


Hydraulic instantaneous water heater
Short pipe runs
Under-sink & over-sink installation
Up to 50% water and energy savings thanks to faucet aerator
Instantly warm water
Energy efficiency class A
Instantaneous water heater.
Electronic control
High temperature 30 °C - 60 °C
Solar-friendly for reheating
Convenient operation via rotary control
Energy efficiency class A
Instantaneous water heater with LCD.
Electronic control
High temperature 30 °C - 60 °C
Solar-friendly for reheating
temperature to the degree - adjustable on the LCD
Energy efficiency class A

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