July 2022



In 2022, ETHERMA is presenting the new premium infrared heater series ETHERMA EXO® as an absolute highlight, as well as other future-oriented heating solutions.

ETHERMA EXO®: The new premium infrared emitters in industrial design

The new ETHERMA EXO® series of premium infrared heaters is state-of-the-art with its elegant industrial design and has the latest features and technologies "Made in Austria". Above all, the models impress with individual solutions for a wide range of applications. The ETHERMA EXO® DARK premium dark heater is perfect for protected outdoor areas such as pavilions or conservatories, ETHERMA EXO® COMFORT as a compact solution for mounting on umbrellas and awnings and ETHERMA EXO® STATIV (with base and two heaters) offers flexibility. The premium infrared heater ETHERMA EXO® PRO impresses with its innovative premium carbon tube, which has an above-average service life of 10,000 hours. 

ETHERMA e-FOIL: perforable heating foil for walls and ceilings 

Thanks to the extremely low installation height (0.4 mm) and perforated fleece, the ETHERMA e-FOIL heating foil can be plastered and filled on walls and ceilings with little effort. Low voltage (24 volts) in combination with the special properties of the heating foil enable pictures or switches to be attached to the heated walls.

Flexible & efficient

The mobile variant LAVA® STAND of the popular infrared heating series LAVA® enables targeted zone heating in every room and can be used flexibly thanks to the carrying handle.

Progress in all areas of heating

Almost all ETHERMA product series and lines are constantly being expanded and rethought. In 2022, for example, the AQUA series will be expanded to include the hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heater AQUA WHM - perfect for selective use on washbasins. The eTOUCH PRO built-in switch thermostat (which can be found in the popular eFLOOR DS PRO and eFLOOR LM PRO floor sets, among other things) can be controlled via WLAN in the future and has the option of group switching as well as weekly and daily programming. The thermostat can be paired with the new ETHERMA eTOUCH (available in the Google Play Store and App Store).

November 2021



Internationalization is an important part of the corporate strategy for ETHERMA, which is already active in over 10 countries. Another important step has now been taken. As of now, Stig Eikedal Andersen is driving the international development of the company forward as a Business Export Developer.

"ETHERMA has huge potential on the international market - because the high quality Made in Austria and Germany are also a selling point internationally. As a family company, ETHERMA, with its wide range of products, can react absolutely flexibly to customer requests and also implement new products in a short time and bring them to market . It is my job, together with all of my colleagues, to further advance the vision of clean heating internationally, "says Sting Andersen when he started at ETHERMA.

November 2021


The ETHERMA Group is starting the industry-related high season with an even stronger line-up. Markus Waldl has been sales manager for Austria since November 2021 and will lead the Austrian sales team in the future.

"I am very much looking forward to my new role and the team at ETHERMA. ETHERMA has been a top Austrian family-run company with production in Austria for over 40 years. The role of sales manager and the opportunity to further develop the Austrian market and be part of ETHERMA For me, being family were reasons enough to take on this challenge. Regionality, CO2 reduction and the more sensible use of resources are on everyone's lips today, at ETHERMA they focus on the highest product quality and made-to-measure production, the production is in Austria - all these are aspects that are important to me. ", says Markus Waldl, new sales manager Austria.

May 2021


ETHERMA has been a pioneer in the field of electric heating for 40 years. As one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, ETHERMA is also a pioneer when it comes to sustainability for ecologically responsible, socially just and quality-conscious living. Together with employees and partners, ETHERMA implements specific climate protection measures for the responsible use of natural resources. This is what ETHERMA eCARE stands for.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, the company would like to give something back to society and the environment and is using the anniversary as the starting signal for no fewer than 40 projects in 40 months, spread across the three countries Austria, Germany and Benelux in the areas of sustainability, social issues and Offspring. This can be done in the form of money, but above all through product sponsoring and know-how as well as volunteer work.

The first concrete projects are bee sponsorships in Austria, Germany and Benelux. With these bee sponsorships, ETHERMA wants to support these amazing and indispensable creatures and make an elementary contribution to biodiversity and the lives of all of us. And the next generation is also close to the heart of ETHERMA, for example a project circus was supported that brings children closer to circus life in a playful way. ETHERMA is looking forward to many more projects in the years to come.

Just like these initiatives, each individual has the opportunity to make a major contribution to the topic of the environment and sustainability. Because 40% of the energy consumption of each individual is accounted for by heating and energy management at home - that is, each of us can make the greatest contribution in this area. And there are many ways to make the right decision here. Electric heating is one of them and a good chance to sustainably relieve the environment. With an electric heater you can heat without CO2, not just CO2-neutrally. This is the only way we can leave a clean, livable environment for our children and grandchildren in which they can grow up.

May 2021



To be successful on the market for 40 years is a reason to celebrate and, in the case of ETHERMA, means 40 years of sustainability, innovation and the pursuit of the vision of CO2-free heating.

ETHERMA started in 1981. The idea of converting clean electricity directly into heat without taking the detour via heating water or air was something that Peter Reiter, the founder of ETHERMA, simply couldn't let go of. The first net heating mats were produced in their own garage. In 2008 the son Thomas Reiter joined the company with another important product innovation, the ETHERMA LAVA® infrared heating panels. Characteristics of the following years are rapid growth, the change into a modern company, the foundation of ETHERMA Benelux and the entry of Viessmann.

The ETHERMA family is characterized by teamwork, the passion for electric heating and long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers. The focus was and always is on customer satisfaction. On the occasion of the anniversary, CEO Thomas Reiter looks back gratefully on the past decades and provides an exclusive insight into history, development and lived visions and where the journey of the professional for electric heating will lead.

Mr Reiter, first of all, our warmest congratulations on the 40th anniversary of ETHERMA! To "survive" four decades with a company is definitely a remarkable achievement. In your opinion, what are the pillars on which success is based?

Thomas Reiter: Thank you, we are very grateful and proud to be able to celebrate 40 years of ETHERMA this year. A success that can be ascribed to the commitment of our employees over the years and, at the same time, to the long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers. For me, the employees are the foundation on which success is based. The ETHERMA family is characterized by great teamwork and a passion for the cause. Our focus has always been and is always on the customer. We think in problem solutions for our customers - also beyond the standard range. Many of our product innovations have their origin in a customer's problem that we want to solve.

How are you going to celebrate 40 years?

Thomas Reiter: 40 years are a reason to celebrate and whoever knows us, knows that we really like to do so. As one of the leading manufacturers of electric and infrared heaters in Europe, we want to be a pioneer for ecologically responsible and socially just cooperation when it comes to sustainability. We therefore take concrete measures for responsible use of our natural resources as well as respectful treatment of our employees, partners and customers. This is what ETHERMA eCARE stands for. As one of our first initiatives, we have set ourselves the goal in the next 40 months to support 40 projects across our 3 countries in the areas of sustainability, social affairs and young talent. Our first concrete projects, which have already been implemented, are bee sponsorships in Austria and Germany as well as the support of a project circus for children.

April 2021



With the new AQUA series for hot water preparation, ETHERMA is making another important statement for independent and sustainable living. In addition, the popular LAVA® BATH 2.0 series has been expanded.


The new ETHERMA AQUA series consists, among other things, of two electric and solar-compatible instantaneous water heaters: AQUA WHE and AQUA WHL are suitable as decentralized sources for hot water, especially in bathrooms that are not used continuously. Thanks to its LCD graphic display, the AQUA WHL also enables temperature setting to the nearest degree. Also new to the range: the pressure-resistant hot water storage AQUA WSP for under-counter installation. Thanks to its strong stainless steel inner container, this promises above all maximum safety, annoying maintenance work is no longer necessary. The AQUA WHP hot water heat pump with its high-quality 254 liter tank guarantees efficient central hot water preparation in both new buildings and modernizations. Self-generated electricity from photovoltaic systems can be used optimally.


The new frameless infrared heater with towel rail LAVA® BATH PURE shows impressively that elegant design and inexpensive product solutions do not have to be mutually exclusive. The simple towel rail was deliberately chosen in the color of the body (white or nano-anthracite) with a coated steel layer - so the product blends harmoniously into modern bathrooms.


The new ETHERMA eBASIC rotary thermostat will be even more user-friendly in terms of assembly and operation. In addition, it can be controlled via Bluetooth and the app if required and thus complies with the ECODESIGN guidelines. The rotary thermostat is also available in the two underfloor heating mat sets eFLOOR DS & LM BASIC. The self-regulating heating tapes eTRACE-10-PRO, eTRACE-15-PRO and eTRACE-25-PRO for pipe and gutter heating have been further developed for outdoor use and are now even more resistant to mechanical stress. 

February 2021



The ETHERMA Group recorded a double-digit growth in 2020 despite the challenges caused by COVID-19. In addition, the company based in Henndorf near Salzburg is continuing to expand. Since February 1st Christian Raschka is driving the further development of the company as Managing Director of ETHERMA Deutschland GmbH and in the role of Head of Sales for Germany and Austria.

"Despite the extraordinary challenges of the past year, we achieved a very strong result. Every member of our family business has played their part. Bas Spekreijse and I are very proud of this team effort. With the strengthening of the organization by Christian Raschka, we are taking another important step towards the vision of our fathers - protection and preservation of the environment through CO2-free room temperature control. " says managing director Thomas Reiter.

"I am very much looking forward to the new tasks and challenges at ETHERMA. For 40 years now, ETHERMA has been living the idea of clean heating. Today this topic is more important than ever. The climate protection goals can only be achieved if we can make the building sector, as one of the largest CO2 emitters, cleaner. That convinced me." says Christian Raschka when he started at ETHERMA.


May 2020


"Show us how you live and we will show you how you can heat in the most innovative way." - According to this motto, the Salzburg company ETHERMA develops and designs stylish infrared and efficient electric heaters. In 2020 the range will be expanded again. The focus is primarily on individual designs and surfaces as well as smart living.

A round thing. The round and extremely easy-to-install infrared heater LAVA® ARCUS can be attached to the wall as well as to the ceiling. The novelty impresses with its discreet and timeless design; thanks to its round, convex shape, the LAVA® ARCUS also achieves maximum and even heat distribution and thus ensures a homogeneous room temperature.

Extra thin. In addition to the frameless construction, the LAVA® LITE design infrared heater offers an extremely low installation depth (33 mm) and thus becomes a space-saving and stylish solution for rooms that are a bit narrow - for example in corridors or small rooms. The large surface ensures excellent heat radiation despite the extra thin construction. The elegant glass surface also makes the LAVA® LITE a visual highlight.

The solid solution. Keeping it simple, inexpensive, but still effective the new ETHERMA SOLID is the perfect infrared heater for outdoor use. The 1800 watt device provides heat immediately after switching on and is equipped with a low-glare infrared halogen lamp, so that the red light component is minimized despite the high output. The housing made of high-quality aluminum gives the spotlight not only its modern design but also longevity.

March II 2018



Innovation - many companies talk about it. ETHERMA, the pioneer in the field of electric heating for more than 35 years, does not announce any innovations - it actually brings innovative, intelligent products to market year after year. And the ETHERMA products fulfill a central customer request: ingenious warmth in all rooms, indoors and outdoors.


LAVA® FRAME - built-in infrared heater for wall and ceiling.

LAVA®-LED - Ingenious accessories for LAVA® BASIC-DM.

LAVA® BATH 2.0 - Turn your bath into a hot oasis.

SOLAMAGIC® D2 & D3 - Real heat miracles.



March 2018



Viessmann, one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and cooling systems, participates in the Salzburg company ETHERMA. Both companies announced this at the fair Light + Building in Frankfurt.

ETHERMA, the second generation family business, has been active in the market for 35 years as one of the leading companies in the field of electric heating systems.

The ETHERMA location in Salzburg with its local production will be strengthened by the investment, because growth potential can now be better exploited. It should be emphasized that the brand name ETHERMA and the autonomy of the company as well as the existing three-stage distribution channel through the wholesale trade are maintained. Due to the constant growth of the company and the expansion of the location Salzburg, there are many opportunities for further development for the future product portfolio and the employees.



February 2018



For ETHERMA, the year 2018 brought the first big highlight right at the beginning. With the foundation of the ETHERMA Holding GmbH - which is the result of the merger of Jowitherm Nederlands BV and ETHERMA Elektrowärme GmbH - a further step has been taken towards internationalization. The entire ETHERMA Group now has around 80 employees. At the same time, Jowitherm Nederland BV becomes ETHERMA Benelux BV.


December 2017



January 1, 2018 heralds the biggest change the electric heating industry has seen in decades. New energy efficiency regulations come into play that will change the landscape of available products and manufacturers. Under LOT 20 legislation, all local space heaters available for sale in the EU must comply with these new rules in order to make products even more efficient and environmentally friendly.


March 2017



Find out the latest news from ETHERMA at eltefa, the specialist trade fair for electrical engineering and electronics. ETHERMA presented its latest innovations in the field of ingenious infrared and electric heating in Stuttgart from 29 to 31 March 2017.

 Discover how to start your spring now, for example with SOLAMAGIC® infrared radiant heaters such as the new S2.


March 2017



Plug in to some real power - ETHERMA will present its latest innovations in the field of ingenious LAVA® infrared and electric heating at "Power Days" in Salzburg (15-17 March 2017), the only specialist trade fair for general electrical engineering.


Here, everything will revolve around the unique LAVA® Designer infrared heating system. Under the motto "Pimp my LAVA®", ETHERMA will be showing off its latest LAVA® modules - such as the new LAVA® LED for all-in-one light and heat. Or the LAVA® FRAME - which integrates heating even more effectively into the architecture of the room, making it almost invisible and allowing it to be installed flush into the ceiling.


October 2016



Together with Hager and Philips-Licht, ETHERMA is organising an electrical engineering roundtable in cooperation with the respective regional guilds. A total of nine roundtables will take place in the federal states of Salzburg, Styria, Upper Austria and Vienna. The event will give you the opportunity to spend a friendly evening full of interesting conversations and exchanges of experiences with colleagues from the region.

  •  Hager (30 Minutes)

  • FI application AC - A - B
  • New FI/LS 3x1+N and 4-pole
  • Fire monitors - so that your fire doesn`t become a firebrand
  •  ETHERMA (30 Minutes)

  • Night storage heating - A real money trap
  • Additional business - Electrical engineering and gastronomy
  • The cost advantages of custom manufacturing by ETHERMA
  • Roof gutter heating, tailor-made thin bed mats
  • Let the sun into your home - heat it right with infrared
  •  Philips-Licht (30 Minutes)

  • LiSA
  • Lightbots
  • System solutions a la Green Warehouse
  • LEDtube
  • Coreline
Date Place
12/10/2016 / From 17:00 WIFI Salzburg - Room C233, Julius-Raab-Platz 2, 5027 Salzburg
07/11/2016 Graz (details to follow)
09/11/2016 / From 17:30 WKO Vienna, Rudolf Sallingerplatz 1, 1030 Vienna
21/11/2015 / From 17:30 WKO Perg, Haydnstraße 4 4320 Perg
22/11/2016 / From 17:30 WKO Gmunden, Miller von Aichholzstraße 50, 4810 Gmunden
23/11/2016 / From 17:30 WKO Schärding, Tummelplatzstraße 6 4780 Schärding
24/11/2016 / From 17:30 WIFI Linz, Wienerstraße 150, 4021 Linz
  •  Registration for Graz:
    Details to follow

  •  Registration for Perg, Gmunden, Schärding and Linz:
    Before 14/11/2016 by mail to gewerbe6(kwfat)wkooe(kwfdot)at

  •  Registration for Vienna:
    Details to follow

June 2016


Organiser Josef Mayerhofer was delighted to welcome more than 850 athletes from 40 nations who took part in the internationally much acclaimed mozart 100® - Austria`s largest ultra-trail event.

ETHERMA was among them. During the cool weeks of the early year, they had to make sure that the participants were not uncomfortably cold in the early morning hours before the start, at 5 AM. ETHERMA was keen to meet this challenge, and sponsored INGENIOUS WARMTH. Two "palm" stands, each fitted with four SOLAMAGIC® S1 infrared heaters, made sure that the starting tent was comfortable and warm, and the runners were properly warmed up.


March 2016

Light + Building 2016

We can look back on a successful Light & Building in Frankfurt - full of excellent contacts and many interesting customers and partners. The venue was an opportunity to present ETHERMA's product innovations for 2016. A particular highlight was the stand party on Monday, with the motto "35 Years of ETHERMA". Here are a couple of impressions.