UNDERFLOOR HEATING Product overview and technical data.

ETHERMA NST - Extremely resistant and robust for indoor and outdoor use. Also for wall installation!

The factory-prepared heating mat NST is extremely resistant thanks to the inner and outer Teflon insulation of the heating cable, and is therefore suitable for use in indoor and outdoor areas. Thanks to its Teflon outer mantle, it is chemically resistant and ideal for installation in chemically aggressive environments such as public toilets, bathrooms, etc., in which concentrated cleaning agents are used. The dipole design guarantees easy fitting. In addition, the heating mat can be used as a wall heater to heat a room or seal off the cold in walls.
The heating mat NST is also suitable for use in open-air heating
under panels in a flexible adhesive or thin coverings. This enables an especially flat installation for the reconstruction of ramps, foot paths and access roads.

Power output: 130 - 300 W/m²

Custom-made special power outputs available

Connection line custom-made available

Fast heating

Only 3.3 mm thin

Safe fitting guaranteed

Chemically resistant

Rated output: 230 V, 400 V
Output: 130, 160, 200, 250, 300 W/m²
Temperature-resistant: up to 150°C
Special services: On request
Heating conductor thickness: max. 3,3 mm
Protection rating: IP X7
Protective measure: Earth-leakage circuit breaker, 30 mA
Connection line: 4 m; 2 x 1.0 mm² + protective braid
System structure: CE compliant

ST-130 W/m²

For drainage of damp walls, as mould prevention, as foreclosure
against cold walls, or as a main heating in low-energy houses..

NST-160 W/m²
As full wall heating with standard insulation.

NST-200 W/m²
For heating in poorly insulated living spaces and as foreclosure
against particularly cold walls.

NST-250 und 300 W/m²
For heating surfaces in wellness areas, as well as open-air
heating under plates in thin layering or in thin coatings for
the renovation of ramps, where a minimal floor thickness is

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