SATHEAT Heat your satellite equipment.


We all know what happens, don't we? It is stormy and snowy outside, you are sitting comfortably in front of the television, and suddenly the picture becomes distorted or disappears - the reason is usually a snowbound satellite dish. A heatable satellite dish is the solution you need. Heating elements for satellite antennae provide continuous reception, undisturbed TV enjoyment and relaxing nights for building administrators and TV stations.


SATHEAT is not only used in private areas - Public television stations in particular and building administrators benefit from heatable satellite antennae. This guarantees undisturbed reception for viewers and tenants. This saves on costs. Regardless of the diameter - we custom-make your heating system and keep your satellite dish snow-free,


SATHEAT is an especially developed heating element to keep satellite antennae free from snow and ice. It is suitable for private and public use. The heating element is available in three standard sizes. It has an installed thermostat that switches on below a temperature of +3° C and switches off when the temperature of the surface reaches +9° C. An additional heating line guarantees that the receiver set is free from snow. SatHeat isn't self- adhesive, so we recommend ordering Power Glue together with your order. We also offer custom-made sizes on request.

Rapid de-icing

Integrated thermostat - enables completely automatic de-icing

Receiver arm is also heated

Fast, simple installation

Special sizes custom-made

UV-, ozone- and weather-resistant

Resistant to acids and bases

Voltage 230 V
Output: 60, 100, 140 & 200 W
Cut-in temperature: +3°C
Cut-off temperature: +9°C
Colour: Grey
Connection cable: 1 x 3 m
Certification: CE compliant
These are mounted on site - either mechanically or with a bonding adhesive.

All SatHeat heating elements are suitable in shape and mounting systems for all current producers.

For satellite antennae with diameter:

SATHEAT-65:    65-75cm

SATHEAT-85:    85-95 cm

SATHEAT-100:  100-115

SATHEAT-120:   120 cm

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