ETHERMA FIRE+ICE Single room heat pump with cooling option

The FIRE+ICE single room heat pump with cooling option is an innovative monobloc air source heat pump without outdoor unit. It is perfectly suited for rooms of up to 35 m2 (such as living rooms or bedrooms) and represents the optimal decentralized solution for individual residential units - whether for old buildings or the quick and easy renovation of apartments. Whether you are a private apartment owner or a cooperative - with any number of apartments - you want to become independent of oil, gas or a night storage tank.


The unit draws in the outside air and extracts the heat from it. In the next step, this is supplied to the room air, and the cooled outside air is returned to the outside - with two completely separate air circuits. In cooler outside temperatures, the integrated auxiliary heating element is automatically activated if required. At the same time, the FIRE+ICE is a fully-fledged air conditioning unit, so it is perfect for year-round use.


The FIRE+ICE can be easily mounted on the inside of any vertical exterior wall with a smooth surface: Two core holes for supply and exhaust air (200 mm each) and one hole for condensation water (20 mm) - that's it! Unattractive, clunky outdoor units, as known from conventional heat pumps or air conditioners, are thus a thing of the past. Installation can be done e.g. by an electrician or plumber.

  • Monobloc air heat pump without outdoor unit for rooms up to 35 m2 Heating and air conditioning unit in one.

    Perfect decentralized heating solution for renovation of individual apartments (private or cooperative)

    Modern, unobtrusive design inside

    Virtually invisible on the facade, as there is no external unit

    Easy installation by plumber or electrician on the inside of exterior walls, no refrigeration engineer required

    Low-noise for restful sleep Individual control via touch display on the unit or remote control

Voltage: 230 V
Fuse rating (inert): 16A
Max. connected load without/with additional electric heater: 1,06/2,86 kW
Max. heat output at 7 °C outdoor temperature without/with additional electric heater: 3,05/4,85 kW
Max. heat output at 2 °C outdoor temperature without/with additional electric heater: 2,51/4,31 kW
Max. heat output at -7 °C outdoor temperature without/with additional electric heater: 1,60/3,40 kW
Max. cooling output at 35/27 °C: 3,10 kW
Noise level: max. 41 dB(A)
Noise level night mode 27 dB(A)
Color: Weiß
Dimensions: 101x54,9x16,5 cm
Air hole diameter external wall (2x): 200 mm
COP at 7 °C (Coefficient of Performance): 3,28
Weight: 41 kg
Refrigerant: R32 (0,5 kg)
Plug connection cable: 1,7 m
IP rating: IPX0
Energy efficiency class - heating: A
Energy efficiency class - cooling: A+

Decentralized heating for apartments, especially in renovation and replacement of gas, oil and obsolete night storage heaters.



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