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ETHERMA doesn't merely pay lip service to the "Made in Austria" concept. ETHERMA quality products are manufactured at our two production facilities in Salzburg - we are committed to our home in Austria. "Our products are of the highest quality - we want to inspire our customers, so we manufacture everything in-house, with care and attention to detail. Our customers can rely on ETHERMA quality and can therefore enjoy the comfort of our ingenious heating solutions with complete peace of mind," explains Thomas Reiter.


"Clean, direct heating with electricity - there must be a way to do that." - that was the thought that occurred to Peter Reiter during a visit to the storage power station at Kaprun. Fascinated by the possibility of generating clean electricity from water power, thus was born his vision of heating floors directly, without heat loss and without the need for a boiler, using electrical power, and hence to heat entire buildings with clean energy.

On the basis of these ideas, Peter Reiter founded his company, ETHERMA, in 1981, and spent the next decades consistently implementing them. His innovation and creativity have given rise to a wide range of new products over the years which can now be found in use around the world. He was a pioneer in the field of electric surface heating - his commitment has produced numerous patents and copyrights for many of his products.


His son, Mag. Thomas Reiter, has led the family firm since 2009, and this second generation leader remains true to his father's vision of "heating with clean energy". "ETHERMA quality means decades of experience, the use of the newest materials, the constant improvement of our services and products, and a single-minded focus on innovation and design," explains Thomas Reiter. "In this way, our customers can rely on ETHERMA ingenious heating solutions, and are always one step ahead of their time."


Its innovation capabilities in the field of flooring and open-air surface heating using specialist heating mats because of their simple, fast and cost-effective installation is the cornerstone of the success of ETHERMA.  In 2008, ETHERMA developed its LAVA® Design infrared heater, which incorporated not only cutting-edge design but also efficiency and functionality.

Just as in the times of its founder Peter Reiter, ETHERMA remains involved in the development of standards and new calculation and dimensioning methodologies, working with ÖVE (Austrian Federation for Electrical Engineering) and VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) on the further development of standards. The company is also actively involved in associations to promote acceptance of electric heating systems. Mag. Thomas Reiter is convinced that "heating with clean water power and alternative energies is the only environmentally friendly form of heating."



Since the 1990s, ETHERMA's corporate strategy has focused on the expansion and further growth of its OEM business. Constant growth and increasing production led to the construction of a new factory building with modern office space and a production hall in Henndorf in 1996. While production remains firmly based in Austria, CEO Mag. Thomas Reiter is constantly looking for ways to expand his business internationally. A further milestone was reached with the founding of ETHERMA Deutschland GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary. Strategic partners in Holland, Switzerland and Spain, as well as in Australia and the USA have helped to make the ETHERMA brand recognised worldwide.


Over the past few years, electricity producers have had a change of heart, and now rely increasingly on water, wind and solar power for electricity generation. Anyone using electrical power to heat is not frittering away valuable energy, as is so often falsely claimed. Electrical power is a clean, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient source of energy. Heating with electricity means heating the modern way - efficiently and precisely.


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