PIPE TRACE HEATING Frost protection and temperature maintenance systems.


Pipe trace heating strips are widely used in private and industrial settings. These provide frost protection and temperature maintenance for pipes and containers. Pipe trace heating systems must be installed in practically each and every pipe in order to protect these from frost, or to maintain the required hot water pipe temperature. Many pipe trace heating systems fulfil crucial roles - such as providing protection from illness (e.g., preventing Legionnaire's disease) or the continuity of production processes.


The pipe trace heating can be done using 2 types of heating cables:

Self-regulating heating tapes

A self-regulating heating tape changes its output independently depending on the ambient temperature. In simple terms, it can be said that when it gets colder, the output of the heating tape increases. And if it is warmer, the performance is reduced. The self-regulating effect is created by the special structure of the heating tape, which is influenced at the molecular level by the ambient temperature and thus in turn allows a higher or lower output. This process regulates the heat and prevents the pipe trace heating from overheating. However, the power consumption is never completely switched off by itself. A regulator is therefore required. Our self-regulating heating tape ETHERMA ICESTOP TRACE with an integrated thermostat is an exception.

Heating tapes with thermostat

Non-self-regulating heating tapes must be controlled by a thermostat. The heating tape is switched on and off via the thermostat based on the ambient temperature at the place of use.


We have more than 35 years of project experience in the field of process tempering - our ETHERMA planning team is ready to help you with their know-how. We have countless projects with bespoke solutions under our belt, and are sure to find the right solution for you too.


ETHERMA heat conductors, self-regulating heating strips and thermostats are characterised by their extended lifespan and lack of maintenance requirements. Reliability is one of the major criteria in frost protection.


ETHERMA frost protection ensures the safe flow of water through pipes. Ice-free pipes remain open, and fat-based products do not harden. Maintaining the correct temperature is a crucial element in many production processes.


Even when supplying water over short distances, it makes sense to maintain a constant temperature. In conventional sanitary installations, a constant supply of hot water is only possible by means of a circulation system. ETHERMA pipe trace heating provides immediate hot water, meaning that drinking water is not wasted unnecessarily.


Pipe trace heating systems involve only minimal installation and operating costs provided that one has a proper understanding of the benefits of the system as protection for pipes from frost, and avoids unnecessary heating of the media in the pipe. Repair costs arising from frost and ice due to a lack of trace heating are eliminated.


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