AQUA WHL Product overview and technical data.

AQUA WHL - Electronic instantaneous water heater with LCD

AQUA WHL is an electronic instantaneous water heater with LCD display and is ideal for heating water in the bathroom. Thanks to the flow sensor, the instantaneous water heater heats automatically from 0.1 bar and a water flow rate of over 2.5 l / min. The control circuit selects the appropriate heating output from the flow heater depending on the water withdrawal, the desired water temperature and the water supply temperature. With a simple rotary knob, the inlet and outlet temperature, the flow rate and the output can be selected to the degree.

  • LC display

  • Temperature setting accurate to the degree

  • 4 switchable power ratings

  • Electronic control

  • Suitable for solar heating up to 60 °C inlet temperature for reheating

  • Maximum temperature interlock

  • Memory function of 3 stored temperatures

  • Easy replacement of old equipment

Operating voltage: 400 V, 3~50 Hz
Temperature: 30 °C to 60 °C
Installation: Wall assembly
Water pressure: 1.0 to 10 bar
Colour: White
Protoection class: IP 25
Protection class: I
Water connection: Gz 1/2"
Energy efficiency class: A
  • from 9 kW: several sinks

  • from 12 kW: shower and sink

  • from 18 kW: bathtub and sink

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