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Infrared heaters are ten a penny. The questions that matter when buying a heater are, how efficient is it, does it really makes you feel warm, where does it come from and how long does it last?

The SOLAMAGIC infrared heaters from ETHERMA score in all respects and are unrivaled::

- Made in Germany

- TÜV certified

- Highest standard of quality

- Up to 2500 W power

- High-end technology tubes

And a huge selection - the right heater for everyone!

ETHERMA is the expert partner for electric heating systems!

Infrared heating | Infrared radiator | Underfloor heating | Open space heating | Gutter heating | Pipe heating systems | Controllers


Comfortable warmth with low-temperature-radiant heat with no electromagnetic field.


No maintenance costs, operating cost savings thanks to increased heat sensitivity.


Heat is generated where it is needed, 100 % loss-free. Pinpoint accuracy thanks to individual room controls.


Clean power from water, wind and solar power. Self-sufficiency thanks to its own power supply.


Uncomplicated, rapid assembly - thanks to intelligent installation systems on all ETHERMA products.


ETHERMA has more than 35 years of experience in the planning, design, production and installation of electric heating systems, infrared heaters, open space, gutter, roof heating as well as pipe trace heating. Benefit from our experience and comprehensive services. From on-site planning, through tendering and quotation support, to order service, ETHERMA accompanies your projects free of charge.