HOT WATER HEAT PUMP The perfect addition to an electric heating system.


The ETHERMA AQUA WHP hot water heat pump is used for the central hot water supply from several taps such as showers, sinks or bathrooms in a house, regardless of the installed heating system. In doing so, it uses the available thermal energy in the room air in order to prepare the service and hot water in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and energy-saving manner. However, since the room temperature is not high enough to heat water sufficiently, the water temperature in the heat pump is also increased. This happens when the heat in the air is transferred to the coolant and compressed using a compressor. The temperature of the coolant rises so that this heat is transferred to the water through a heat exchanger. Hot water comes out!

The hot water heat pump is ideal for new and existing single-family houses - also perfect in combination with a photovoltaic system, so that self-generated electricity is optimally used. With a heat pump, you can draw hot water from several places in your house at the same time. However, the required volume of your heat pump depends on your consumption.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump heats the water with the help of ambient air. This air is transported through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger evaporates the water into steam. The vapor is compressed in the compressor, causing the temperature to rise. The pump circulates the hot gas through a tube. This tube is wrapped around the kettle that contains the tap water. This heats the water in the tank. The vapor cools down again until it becomes liquid again. This liquid is then pumped back into the vaporizer where the process is repeated again. Heating hot tap water with a hot water heat pump is very efficient. Especially compared to an electric boiler. This is because the heat pump uses less electricity to provide the same amount of hot water per day.

The right place to set up

The higher the air temperature, the more effective the heat pump is. Because it gets around 75% of the energy it needs from the ambient air and only the rest from the power grid. Therefore, warm rooms such as laundry rooms with washing machines and dryers, which have relatively high temperatures even in winter, are particularly suitable as a location. The difference between the air temperature and the required water temperature thus determines the energy consumption. As a positive side effect, the heat pump also dehumidifies the cellar air and thus prevents the formation of mold.

Use circulating air or outside air

The ETHERMA AQUA WHP can be used with both circulating air and outside air. In the variant with circulating air, the room air is used to operate the heat pump. Some of the heat is extracted from the sucked-in air and this is raised by the heat pump to a usable temperature level (up to 62 °C in pure heat pump operation). Moisture is also removed from the rooms. This protects the building structure and increases the quality of living.

With the help of the outdoor air adapter (not included in the scope of delivery), the AQUA WHP can be easily switched to outdoor air operation. This prevents the building from cooling down, especially in well-insulated new buildings. In principle, the heat pump works efficiently down to an outside temperature of -5 °C. The built-in electric heating element then switches on to provide support. This also happens when all the hot water has been used up. This can cause additional costs.


The hot water heat pump has more advantages than disadvantages. However, there are a few things to note:

  • The temperature in the room where the heat pump boiler is installed drops by approx. 7 °C.

  • The system requires a high storage capacity for sufficient water.

  • Additional heating via an electric heating element can cause increased costs.




Dehumidifies the cellar and prevents mold growth.



Fast installation thanks to the monoblock design and preset control. Only requires a water connection and a 230V connection.



Ideal in combination with PV systems, solar systems and eco tariffs.





Energy efficiency class A +. Consumption-dependent, automatic heating of the water.



Quiet operation similar to a refrigerator. Intuitive, simple operation.


Hot water heat pump
Monobloc for easy installation
Optionally with circulating air or outside air
Compatible with PV & solar systems
Convenient operation through pre-assembled control unit
Energy efficiency class A +

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