UNDERFLOOR HEATING Product overview and technical data.

ETHERMA D-24V - The netted heating mat for heating baths and wellness loungers

The ETHERMA D the ideal solution - especially for baths and wellness areas. Examples include heated loungers, benches, steam showers and shower trays. This netted heating mat has a rated voltage of 24 V and is thus suitable for controlling the temperature of floors, for heating rooms or for sealing off the cold in walls in protected areas.

For heating showers, wellness loungers and for use in protected areas

Only 2.7mm thin

Self-adhesive netted heating mat

Only one connector cable

Very weak magnetic field <25 nT

Flat and level, torsion-free laying thanks to stitching technology

Custom-made special orders and sizes

Rated output: 24 V
Output: 160, 200, 250 W/m²
Temperature-resistant: up to 90°C
Heating conductor thickness: 2,7 mm
Production widths: 50 cm
Mesh structure: 12 x 12 mm, self-adhesive
Protection rating: IP X7
Connection line: 4 m; 2 x 1,5 mm² + Schutzgeflecht
System structure: CE compliant

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