MOBILE INFRARED HEATING The flexible heating.

LAVA® STAND infrared heating panel

LAVA® STAND is a mobile infrared heating panel that, thanks to the base, can be used in almost any room, such as living rooms, offices, bathrooms or containers, either as an additional heat source or as an independent heating system. The infrared heating is ready for use at any time and can be easily controlled on the device by the integrated control (LAVA®-R). Due to the homogeneous surface temperature, heat is emitted evenly at the place where it is placed - without time-consuming installation work. A mounting kit for wall installation is available as an accessory. The infrared panel itself is only 22 mm thick and blends into any room thanks to its sleek, white design.

  • Also suitable for wall mounting (optional wall mounting kit required)

    Integrated, fold-out stand

    Carrying handle on the device for easy transport

    Integrated, electronic control LAVA®-R

    High radiation effect

    Maximum radiation to the front thanks to the optimally insulated rear

    Scratch protection for the floor covering thanks to felt feet

    Maintenance and magnetic field-free

Voltage: 230 V
Output: 300, 450 W
Surface temp.: max. 95 °C
Surface: structured
Frame: steel, white, RAL 9016
Depth: 22 mm
Protection class: IP X4
Connection: 1 m, 3 x 1,5 mm² with plug
Control: integrated on the back left
Warranty: 5 years
Certification: EC compiant

The selection of the output depends on the heat demand of the room (height: 2.5 m) and the heating application.

The following is a guide:

20-45 W/m² Low energy and passive housing

50-70 W/m² Well insulated housing

75-95 W/m² Moderately insulated housing

100-120 W/m² Poorly insulated housing

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