MOBILE INFRARED HEATER Flexible positioning.

ETHERMA EXO STATIV Mobile infrared heater

The ETHERMA EXO STATIV is a location-independent standing infrared radiator for outdoor use. It consists of a base with a round concrete base and two radiant heaters. Both radiant heaters can be operated via an electronic multifunction switch on one of the two devices. Alternatively, it can also be controlled via a remote control (optionally available). The radiators are equipped with an infrared halogen tube of 1400 W each. The connecting cable is routed through the inside of the stand tube. The spotlight housing made of high-quality aluminum not only gives a modern design, but also durability.

NOTE: When used in a covered outdoor area, a safety distance of at least 30 cm from the ceiling must be maintained.

  • Flexible placement for warmth anywhere

    Innovative infrared halogen tube

    Maximum heat radiation to the front thanks to the optimized reflector

    Rapid heat response to two sides

    Electronic safety shut-off in the event of a change in location or position thanks to an intelligent position sensor

    Integrated timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes

    Short heating function 5 minutes (ideal for smoking areas)

    Optional wireless remote control

Output: 2x 1400 W
Voltage: 230 V
Heating element: Infrared halogen lamp
Service time heating element: ø 5.000 h
Color body: Black anodised, similar to RAL 9011
Color end-caps: Nano-anthracite, similar to RAL 7016
Connection: 180 cm with plug
Weight: 20,5 kg
Heatable area: Up to 20 m2
Protection: IP 44
Certification: EC compliant

Outdoor areas such as terrace, balcony, garden, campsite, vacation home or dining areas as well as catering, lounges or ski lodges.


The SOLAMAGIC® Z1 is our new, innovative infrared stand radiant heater, and is sure to impress not only with its cutting-edge design, but also its highest levels of safety and perfect warmth. Thanks to its safety shut-off, which actuates as soon as the unit is tilted as well as in the event of a switch-on power limitation during a soft start, this infrared radiant heater leaves nothing out of the equation. The body is made from premium quality aluminium and comes in an impressive, elegant design. The Solastar-AL heating tube combines pleasant light colours with perfect heating performance with minimal residual lights, and an extended lifespan of 5,000 h on average. In indoor and outdoor areas, Z1 infrared radiant heaters offer extremely comfortable heat zones and can therefore be very flexibly positioned. Because of their short wavelength, infrared heaters penetrate the air particularly efficiently, are not affected by wind drift, and guarantee high operating cost savings compared to gas heaters.

  • Barely any residual light (< 1 Lux) thanks to innovative "NO GLARE" heating tube

  • No warmup phase

  • No voltage peaks thanks to soft start

  • Emergency shutdown in the event of tilting thanks to an intelligent position sensor

  • Flexible positioning

Power: 1400 W
Rated voltage: 230 V
Tube: Solastar-AL "No glare"
Colours: White, titanium, nano-anthracite
Connection: Patch cord 180 cm
Protection rating: IP 24

Catering, garden, terrace, balcony

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