LAVA® INFRARED HEATING Product overview and technical data.

LAVA® BATH 2.0 PURE – Infrared heater with a towel holder.

The LAVA® BATH 2.0 PURE fits into it with simple elegance Bath and provides cozy warmth. The surface material as well 2 temperature limiters in all panels ensure safety in use all the time. This innovative technology makes its surfaces a very effective radiation emitter. In conjunction with the even heat distribution on the surface, the optimally insulated rear guarantees a high radiation efficiency and thus the maximum infrared heat radiation to the front of the room - once switched on, the surface is heated to a constant 80°C and provides snug warmth within the shortest time. And thanks to the integrated towel rail, your towels are also pleasantly warm.

The frameless construction creates the modern design. Four surfaces (STEEL / GLASS / STONE / CORIAN) and up to five outputs are available as you want it. In addition, up to two further LAVA® Halti units can be connected. The practical Plug & Play box on the rear of all LAVA® 2.0 models makes it easy to install a controller, whether directly on the device, wirelessly or using a wired controller.

  • One towel holder LAVA® Halti included - up to 2 more available as accessories

  • High radiant heating effect

  • Frameless infinity design

  • Plug & Play connection system for easy individual control

  • Various thermostat options as accessories

  • Highest safety against breakage and overheating

  • Easy installation - vertical wall mounting only

  • Maintence free and magnetic field free

Voltage: 230 V
Output: 350, 500, 700 W
Surface temp.: max. 80 °C
Material: steel
Device/Installation depth: 22/52 mm
IP rating: IP X4
Safety class: I
Connection: patch cord 1m
Wall installation: only vertically
Warrenty: 5 years
Certification: EC conform

The selection of the output depends on the heat demand of the room (height: 2.5 m) and the heating application.

The following is a guide:

20-45 W/m² Low energy and passive housing

50-70 W/m² Well insulated housing

75-95 W/m² Moderately insulated housing

100-120 W/m² Poorly insulated housing

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