LAVA® PLUG & PLAY CONTROL SYSTEM Product overview and technical data.

LAVA®-T – The convenient timer

All LAVA® 2.0 infrared heaters can be fitted with a timer which speacially developed for temporary operation. Pressing the timer heats the device for 2 hours with maximum power and then switches off automatically. The timer can be switched off early at any time by pressing the button again. The LAVA®-T can be easily fitted to all LAVA® 2.0 units using the connection system.

  • Direct control on the device

  • 2h timer

  • ON/OFF function

  • Easy Plug & Play system

Voltage: 230 V
Switching current: 16 A
Timer: 2 Stunden
Installation: Surface-mounted
Dimensions 251 x 31 x 62 mm
Connection cable: Special plug, 50 cm
IP rating: IP 24
Certification: CE konform

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