eNEXHO-NT is the central radio bus module which allows communication with all modules and the programming of zones, weekly programmes and scenarios at the touch of a button. Using the eNEXHO software, room temperature can be changed at any time, even when you`re out, using your smart phone, tablet or computer. Communication between eNEXHO-NT and your smart phone, tablet or PC is achieved by connecting with a standard WLAN router.

  • eNEXHO - A system that thinks with you

  • Communication with all modules at the touch of a button

  • A standard router is sufficient for networking

Voltage: 230 V
Current: 40 mA
Radio frequency: 868 MHz
Installation: Free-standing
Colour: White
Dimensions: 83 x 110 x 25 mm
Maximum zones: 120
Alarm signal/message
IP rating: IP 20
Ambient operating temperature: > +7°C
Certification: CE compliant

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