PIPE TRACE HEATING Product overview and technical data

ETHERMA eTRACE-HW-PRO Self-regulating hot water heating trace

The self-regulating heating tape eTRACE-HW-PRO is used on containers, tanks, lines, valves and much more for process temperatures between 30 °C and approx. 80 °C. With the exception of the connections, the heating tape may lie completely in a liquid. The eTRACE-HW-PRO heating tape is often used to heat grease lines, e.g. in the food industry. But it also makes sense to use it in waste water pipes in canteens and (large) kitchens to prevent fat deposits from heating up. The use on water pipes is particularly important. Possible bacterial contamination such as legionella can be combated here by heating the water to at least 70 °C - important in areas such as hospitals or old people's homes, where the residents have a weaker immune system or lower defences.

The heating tape is moisture-proof and UV-resistant, the supply conductors are nickel-plated copper. Its self-regulating property increases safety and reliability. It can be easily cut to the desired length - even on site - and used immediately.

  • Self-regulating

  • Protected against moisture

  • Can be cut to length from the roll

  • UV, ozone and weather-resistant

Voltage: 230 V
Outer insulation: TPE
Supply conductor: 1.25 mm² nickel-plated copper
Max. permissible ambient temperature switched off: 85 °C
Max. permissible ambient temperature switched on: 65 °C
Min. installation temperature: -30°C
Min. binding radius: 25 mm
Certification: EC compliant

Pipe trace heating for maintaining the temperature of pipes and containers, e.g. in the food industry, waste water pipes in canteens and (large) kitchens

We also manufacture bespoke heating strips on-site with connector cables.

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