ETHERMA eTRACE-30CHT Constant trace heating tape for roof & gutter heating

The eTRACE-30CHT constant heating tape is ideal for heating box gutters. The heating tape is made of soft-elastic, insulated, flexible tape element with constant power. Execution according to VDE regulation with soldered resistance wire. It lies flat in the gutter and reliably prevents the snow from "tunneling". In order to achieve the lowest possible operating costs for gutter heating, it is necessary for the heating tape to have optimal contact with the gutter. Constant heating tapes are used in particular in metal box gutters.

Please note: Constant heating tapes must not be installed in plastic channels and drains.

  • Highly elastic - no inherent stiffness

    Excellent heat transfer

    High efficiency

    Fast defrosting effect

    No high inrush current

    Can be cut to length every 60 cm, can also be made to measure at the factory

    Quick and easy assembly

    Connection required from only one side

    UV and ozone resistant

    Resistant to acids and alkalis

Voltage: 230 V
Output: 30 W/m
Temperature: 200°C
Min. installation temp.: - 60°C
Max. single length: 58 m
Min. bending radius: 25 mm
Dimensions: 11 x 8 mm
Weight: 85 g/lfm
Certification: EC compliant

Taking into account

  • 230 V nominal voltage

  • Slow-blow fuses (C-characteristic) with max. 80% utilization result in the following maximum heating circuit lengths:

Rating fuse (A): 16 heating circuit lengths (m) for: eTRACE-30CT = 70

Constant heating tapes must not be installed in plastic channels, as these are made of temperature-unstable material.

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