HEATING TRACE For pipe trace heating.


The new self-regulating heating tapes eTRACE-15-PRO and eTRACE-25-PRO are now even more robust. They are suitable for temperatures up to 65 °C and can be used both as pipe heating and as gutter heating. They are suitable for use in building technology as well as in industry. The supply conductors are nickel-plated copper. All heating tapes are moisture-proof and UV-resistant. The right prerequisite for a long service life and absolute reliability. As self-regulating heating tapes, they can simply be cut to the desired length and used immediately. Also suitable for plastic gutters in the area of gutter heating. As pipe heating, especially as frost protection or to maintain a constant temperature on pipes and containers

  • Self-regulating

  • Can be cut from the roll

  • Protected against moisture

  • UV, ozone and weather-resistant

Voltage: 230 V
Outer insulation: TPE-O
Supply conductor: 1,23 mm² Cu vernickelt
Max. ambient temperature switched on: 85°C
Max. ambient temperature switched off: 65°C
Min. installation temperature: - 30°C
Min. bending radius: 25 mm
Certification: VDE

Pipeline trace heating, frost protection for industrial applications, temperature maintenance on pipes and vessels

For standard gutters, a 250 W/m² output is installed
  at heights up to 1000 m above sea level.

For different widths, output is calculated per metre as follows:
>    Roof gutter width (in m) x 250 Watts
>    So, for a gutter with a width of 10 cm: 0.10 m x 250 W = 25 Watt/m

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