PIPE TRACE HEATING Product overview and technical data

ETHERMA ICESTOP LIGHT – Plug & play heating loop with thermostat, 24 V

The ETHERMA LIGHT is the 24 V version, and protects pipes from ice and subsequent damage. ICESTOP LIGHT is a Plug & Play heating cable with thermostat and a constant power output of approx. 17 W/m. The thermostat is 100 % protected against humidity and switches frost protection with temperatures below + 3°C and off again above + 9 °C. ONLY SUITABLE FOR USE IN METAL PIPELINES.


Integrated thermostat

Constant output characteristics


UV resistant

Voltage: 24 V
Power at 5°C: approx. 17 W/m
Min. installation temperature: -15°C
On/off temperature: +3°C, +9°C
Min. bending radius: 5 d
Diameter: 7 mm
IP rating: IP X7
Connection cable: 2 m; 2 x 1,0 mm²
Certification: CE compliant

Frost protection for pipes

Frost protection for troughs

Only suitable for metallic pipes.  For applications with plastic pipes, please use ETHERMA ICESTOP TRACE. The heating cable is also available in a  Version mit 230 V.

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