LAVA® INFRARED HEATING Product overview and technical data.

LAVA® MAXIMUS - The infrared heating panel with extra high performance

With LAVA® MAXIMUS ETHERMA presents an infrared heating panel with extra strong performance thanks to high surface temperature. Due to the extra power, the infrared panel is particularly suitable for high rooms and for increased heat demand. The infrared heating panel can either be surface mounted on the ceiling or integrated into a grid ceiling. Installation in a grid ceiling is very easy thanks to the standard grid ceiling dimensions of the panel. It can be flexibly used instead of a module and provides pleasant, gentle heat from above within a few minutes. Ideal as a full-fledged heating system or as an additional and zone heater in offices and sales rooms, as well as for high living spaces.

Infrared heating panels heat people and objects in the room and not the air, so there is also no unpleasant dust swirling or dry heating air. Ideal conditions for a comfortable indoor climate. Due to the ceiling mounting, the heat distribution is particularly efficient and at the same time the room is optimally utilized. The surface is made of white satin glass. The frame is made of high quality powder-coated aluminum. Available in 3 outputs (600-1500 W), produced in Austria and with 5 years warranty.

  • Extra strong performance thanks to high surface temperature

    Ideal for high rooms or with increased heat demand

    Can be mounted on the ceiling or integrated into grid ceilings

    As full heating or additional and zone heating

    High quality design

    No service, no maintenance necessary

    Quality made in Austria

Voltage: 230 V
Output: 600, 800, 1500 W
Surface temp.: max. 180 °C at standard internal temp.
Surface: Glass white satin matt
Device/Installation depth: 25/55 mm
IP rating: IP 24
Connection cable: 1 m, 3 x 1.0 mm² without plug
Mounting: Ceiling / grid ceiling
Warrentry: 5 years

The selection of the output depends on the heat demand of the room (height: 2.5 m) and the heating application.

The following is a guide:

20-45 W/m² Low energy and passive housing

50-70 W/m² Well insulated housing

75-95 W/m² Moderately insulated housing

100-120 W/m² Poorly insulated housing

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