CONTROL SYSTEM - OPEN-AIR HEATING Product overview and technical data.

ET-9200F – Control system for open-air heating systems Entry model

The ET-9200F ice and snow detection system is optimally suited for use with open air heating systems, and, as an entry-level model, for the control of smaller units with a single temperature and humidity sensor and a single heating circuit. Its two control dials, which control the activation temperature and humidity threshold respectively, ensure easy start-up. Further functional parameters, such as the lower switch off temperature, minimum and reheating times, can be set in parameter mode as required. The operating display comprises two tri-colour LEDs. Suitable for a single sensor (ET-3356).

  • For areas up to 50 m²

  • Controls a heating zone

  • Suitable for sensor ET-3356 (sold separately)

  • Consider temperature and humidity

  • Reliable and safe

Voltage: 230 V
Relay output: 16 A
Mounting: On standard rail
Space requirements: 3 TE in accordance with DIN43880
Temp. range: -30 °C to +75 °C
Certification: CE comliant
Re-heating function
Alarm signal for sensor error status

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