Ice detection systems from ETHERMA use their combination sensors to measure temperature and humidity in heated outdoor areas such as open spaces, roofs and gutters. They thus lead to a particularly energy-efficient operation, since only in cold and existing water, ice or snow is heated.

The ice detection system 9000 is an all-round system for all areas of use in ice and snow removal: It is flexible, maintenance-free and cost-effective, modularly expandable to a multi-channel system and cloud or BMS capable.

All 9000 system controllers are easy to install and commission. They are characterized by intelligent factory settings and a clear commissioning function. The sensors and the control units can be freely combined so that the system can be optimally adapted to the conditions of use. All control units are each designed for a combined sensor and a heating circuit.




Expand the abilities of your ET-9300 control system with the ET-
9380 Internet module and enjoy even greater comfort and the other
advantages of our eFROST online portal.



Control your heating system with ease from your Notebook or from
the road via your Smartphone using the ETHERMA eFROST Online



In the event of a fault, or for annual maintenance, the installer can
quickly and easily access the unit remotely - thus saving time and



 Precise weather data is loaded and automatically processed in order
to ensure the optimal use of your unit. Like this, your heating system
practically controls itself.

ET-9300 - Expandable all-round control For open-space, roof gutter and roof heating systems with touch-screen display.

The new ET-9300 ice and snow detector is a single-channel base unit suitable for all ice and snow detection applications. With the ET-9375 expansion unit, it can be scaled into a multifunction unit with up to 8 sensors/heating channels.

The ET-9380 Internet module renders it Internet-enabled, either via LAN or WLAN.

  • For open spaces, roof surfaces and gutters

  • Fully automatic control - helps reduce operating costs

  • Extendable with Internet module ET-9380 for control via W/LAN

  • Expandable for large systems with ET-9375

  • Consider temperature and humidity

  • Suitable for 2 sensors

  • Reliable and safe

Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Relay output: 16 A
Mounting: On standard rail
Dimension: 3 TE in accordance with DIN43880
Temp. range: -30 °C bis +80 °C
Alarm signal for sensor error status

Ice- and snow sensor
In the heated part of the surface to determine the humidity
and temperature.

ET-9380 – Internet Moduel für ET-9300 WLAN/LAN module including antenna

The ET-9380 compact gateway is the latest thing in ice and snow sensing. Thanks to the gateway, an ice and snow detection system can for the first time process a weather forecast and report its status to the customer, configure the main settings and enable remote operation. The gateway connects the ice and snow sensors of the ET-9300 and any of its expansion units to the ETHERMA portal on the Internet. The gateway can be cabled to a normal DSL/UMTS router and also comes with a WLAN function and an antenna jack. The radio antenna for the gateway is included.

ETHERMA Online-Portal eFROST

The Internet gateway functions can be used via an ETHERMA eFROST Portal account. This can be accessed via a standard browser from any smart device, tablet or PC. A one-time registration on the ETHERMA eFROST Portal is required for this purpose.

  • Controllable via the eFROST online portal

  • Connection via LAN or WLAN possible

  • Normal internet router sufficient

  • Remote maintenance saves time and money

  • Simply monitoring the system

  • Perfect for property management etc. to maintain and control multiple plants

  • Exact Geo-ID for even more accurate operating times

Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 5 VA
Mounting: On standard rail
Space requirements: 3 TE in accordance with DIN43880
IP rating: IP 20
Certification: CE compliant

ET-9375 – Expansion module for ET-9300 For coupling multiple units

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  • Can be controlled in conjunction with ET-9380 via the eFROST online portal

  • For multi-channel systems with up to 8 systems

Voltage: 230 V
Relay output: 16 A
Mounting: On standard rail
Space requirement: 3 TE in accordance with DIN43880
Temp. range: -30 °C bis +80 °C
Alarm signal for sensor error status

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