LET THE WINTER COME! Heating without gas and oil.

Additional heaters for the cold season Independence from gas and oil

Heated rooms and warm water are essential prerequisites for feeling comfortable in your home. However, many consumers are affected by rising heating costs and are concerned about the cold season. Will heating with oil and gas even be possible or affordable? Will they turn off my gas heater? Now is the time to react quickly.

ETHERMA offers a wide range of quick solutions in the field of auxiliary heating. On the one hand there are mobile solutions such as the portable infrared heater LAVA STAND and on the other hand solutions that can be quickly retrofitted such as the convector storage heater DUO PLUS or the LAVA infrared panels for bathrooms and living rooms. But there is also a suitable offer for workplaces, such as the LAVA DESK infrared table heater, which provides targeted, pleasant heat at the desk, or the LAVA BASIC-DM for heat from the ceiling.

With the AQUA series, ETHERMA also offers efficient solutions for hot water generation. In addition to the electrical and solar-compatible hot water instantaneous water heaters: AQUA WHE and AQUA WHL, the range also includes the pressure-resistant small storage tank AQUA WSP and, as a central source, the hot water heat pump AQUA WHP (254 L).

Mobile infrared warmth LAVA STAND

The new, mobile infrared heater LAVA® STAND enables targeted zone heating. With 300W or 450W, it heats up quickly, can be used flexibly thanks to the carrying handle and can be easily controlled directly on the device thanks to the integrated control.

Unbeatable triple warmth ETHERMA DUO PLUS

The powerful ETHERMA DUO PLUS convector storage heater with radiant heat is available with 1500W or 2000W and is particularly suitable for large rooms as efficient additional heating or as an ideal replacement for outdated, inefficient night storage heaters. Thanks to the integrated control, the desired temperature can be easily selected electronically, thus ensuring a pleasant room temperature.

Infrared heating for living room and bathroom LAVA & LAVA BATH

Whether as additional heating or a full heating system, the LAVA® infrared panels can be quickly and easily (also retrofitted) mounted on the wall or ceiling, thanks to the plug & play system they can be controlled and generated using the thermostat on the device, as well as via radio or built-in thermostat after a very short warm-up phase (< 10 min.) comfortable warmth with many advantages:

  • Simple and flexible installation of wall and ceiling panels without the need for ripping work

    Needs-based control (frost protection, time programs)

    Hardly any heat loss and maximum radiation to the front thanks to the optimally insulated rear

    Ideal for allergy sufferers & asthmatics (no dust turbulence)

    Perfect in combination with PV system & green electricity 

    Very low investment costs & no maintenance costs

    Integration into the smart home system

    Quality "Made in Austria"

Quick warmth SERENA ECO | CP/CL ECO

The SERENA ECO and CP/CL ECO convectors are used for rapid heating of toilets, rooms and hobby rooms. They heat up the air in the room very quickly and are available in a wide range of outputs from 600W to 2000W. The ventilation grilles release the warm air into the room through natural convection, thus preventing discolouration on the wall. The devices also conform to the Ecodesign Directive.


Versatile in use, easy to assemble, convincingly practical - the LAVA® DESK 2.0 optimally combines these three advantages. This 80W strong and 15mm thin ETHERMA infrared heater is mounted almost invisibly under the table top with just four screws and thus ensures comfortable warmth at the desk - optionally also with a dimmer.


The ETHERMA AQUA series consists, among other things, of two electric and solar-compatible hot water instantaneous water heaters: AQUA WHE and AQUA WHL are suitable as a decentralized source for hot water preparation, especially in bathrooms that are not used continuously. Thanks to the LCD graphic display, the AQUA WHL also enables the temperature to be set to the exact degree. Also new in the range: the hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heater AQUA WHM - perfect for selective use on washbasins. The pressure-resistant hot water storage AQUA WSP for under-sink installation promises maximum safety thanks to its strong stainless steel inner container, and there is no need for tiresome maintenance work. The AQUA WHP hot water heat pump with a high-quality 254 liter tank guarantees efficient central hot water preparation both in new buildings and in modernization projects. Self-generated electricity from photovoltaic systems can thus be optimally used.

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