The new standard for infrared heatING PANELS DIN EN IEC 60675-3:2000

The recently issued IEC 60675-3 standard of the International Electrotechnical Commision (IEC) specifies how the radiation efficiency of direct electric heaters is determined and how high this efficiency must be for such a heater to actually be called an infrared heating panel.

For direct electric heaters such as infrared heatings, the radiation efficiency is the most important quality criterion. This tells how well a heating transfers heat output to the surfaces of the room. According to Dr. Peter Kosack of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, for a heater to be called an infrared heating panel, the radiation efficiency must be in the range above 40%. Only then can the manufacturer speak of a genuine infrared heating panel. The reverse conclusion thus shows that many of the heating panels currently offered as infrared heating are not in this sense at all.



ETHERMA was one of the first manufacturers to have the popular LAVA® BASIC-DM series officially measured according to IEC 60675-3 by Ingenieurbüro Peutz before the end of March 2022. The measurements confirmed what has always been ETHERMA's quality standard - our panels far exceed the required 40% radiation efficiency, so that all products in the LAVA® BASIC-DM series may be designated as infrared heating panels according to IEC 60675-3:2000.


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