NOTHING GOING ON WITHOUT GAS? The heating season is just around the corner.

WHY NOW IS THE TIME FOR AN ELECTRIC HEATING. Independence from gas and oil

Reducing or eliminating any dependence on oil and gas is probably the most pressing issue currently facing Austria and large parts of Europe. The impact is huge and the impact on the economy just as significant:

  • Reduction in heating costs for the homeowner

  • Increasing energy independence at a time of extreme supply volatility and rising prices

  • Significantly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions - global warming may currently be overshadowed by war but is still an urgent issue that needs to be addressed 

The EU has already presented plans that energy must be saved - in concrete terms, energy consumption (initially voluntary) must be reduced by 15%. This is to ensure that you can get through the winter even if the gas supply stops. In the event of far-reaching supply bottlenecks, a Union alarm can also be triggered and binding savings targets can be set.

40% of the energy consumption of each individual goes to the account of the heating and energy management in apartments and houses - so here will be the starting point. According to EU data, 1°C less room temperature saves around 6% energy - that means turning down the heating by 2-3°C to save enough energy.

But does that mean we will be freezing this winter?

No - electrical heating solutions can prevent this. But everyone is aware that electric heating is not the same as electric heating. Especially when you consider the following:

If every household stocks up on cheap, inefficient convectors or fan heaters and then heats its premises with 2x2000W unregulated and possibly at the same time, high network loads can be expected. The same can be achieved with a high-quality infrared heater with a maximum output of 1000W and the room temperature can be significantly lower without sacrificing the comfort and coziness you are used to.

Many consumers are affected by rising heating costs and are concerned about autumn/winter. Will heating with oil and gas even be possible or affordable?

Now is the time to react quickly. ETHERMA offers a wide range of available solutions as additional heaters. On the one hand there are mobile solutions such as the portable infrared heater LAVA STAND and on the other hand solutions that can be quickly retrofitted such as the convector storage heater DUO PLUS or the LAVA infrared panels for bathrooms and living rooms. But there is also a suitable offer for workplaces, such as the LAVA DESK table infrared heater, which provides selective, pleasant heat at the desk, or the LAVA BASIC-DM for heat from the ceiling.

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Green energy matters

Efficient electrical heating is the solution here. On the one hand, coverage with electricity is secured - in Austria even with sufficient "green" energy from hydropower and the expansion of renewable forms of energy. In Germany, the postponement of the phase-out of nuclear power can ease the situation.

We know the world won't turn a deep green overnight, but as long as we move from left to right in the green spectrum, we're headed in the right direction. The green transition starts from a million different colors: old houses, new houses, apartment blocks, townhouses, commercial buildings, schools and so on, but the place we want to arrive at is exclusively green.

The energy mix in Austria suits ETHERMA

This is the ethos of ETHERMA and Viessmann: we supply electric heaters, heat pumps, plant over a million trees, reduce average industry CO2 emissions by almost 60%, streamline the supply chain, install commercial boilers and even climate zones on demand - the variety of Air conditioning solutions is breathtaking. All solutions take households and companies by the hand from their individual starting point and guide them through the green spectrum.

ETHERMA is all about electric heating. The great advantage of electric heating over all others is that it can be completely eco-friendly, depending on the energy source of course, and it is also extremely flexible and inexpensive. This is particularly relevant in Austria. The Austrian power supply is quite far in the green spectrum, 55-67% from hydropower in 2020 (compared to Germany 3.3%) and if you add wind, solar energy and biomass, Austria has 85.9% in the green spectrum. Solar power from private photovoltaic systems as a supplement to electric heating will further increase this.

Is electric heating always the right choice?

A long-term phase-out of gas, oil and fossil fuels will become an unavoidable necessity for many people. This is where electric heating - especially in renovation - offers great advantages, of course ideally in combination with thermal renovation. Firstly, this reduces the heat and thus energy requirement and costs - and secondly, heat storage is increased. In addition, the integration of a photovoltaic system is recommended in any case and contributes to both cost savings and independence from volatile electricity prices.

Electric heating systems, such as infrared panels or electric underfloor heating, not only offer a great gain in comfort and efficiency advantages such as precise individual room control and fast heating response, but can also be implemented quickly and with relatively little effort.

ETHERMA LAVA® infrared panels can be quickly installed in the room or on the ceiling and can also be removed again - e.g. in the case of rented apartments. If the floor covering is also renewed, electric underfloor heating is a good option, as it can be applied to existing floor coverings and is characterized by an extremely low installation height.

Electric heating convinces with its advantages

The benefits of electric heating should be available to everyone. Many homes were built when construction efficiency was paramount and energy standards were often poor. That is no reason to exclude building owners from the comfort and savings potential of electric heating. With electric heating, it is possible to vary the heating room by room, quickly increasing or decreasing as needed. This convenience also quickly translates into cost savings for everyone, the resident, the country and the environment. A one degree decrease in room temperature would reduce European gas demand by 10 billion cubic meters.

The radiant heat from electric underfloor heating or infrared heating goes even further. The room air temperature can be reduced by up to 3 °C with the same well-being - and every degree (°C) less saves around 6% energy, CO2 emissions, energy dependency and additional money.

In addition to comfort, there are also economic reasons for installing an electric heater: The acquisition costs are significantly lower than with a heat pump. Depending on the type of heat pump, the initial cost difference ranges from €7,000 to over €20,000 without annual maintenance costs. Calculated over 20 years, the total costs of an electric heater in combination with a PV system are extremely competitive compared to a heat pump. Maintenance costs are completely eliminated with electric heating, and the service life of electric underfloor heating is over 40 years. And you don't need a separate boiler room, which costs a few thousand euros to build.

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