UNDER TABLE INFRARED HEATING For the workplace & home office.

LAVA® DESK 2.0 Infrared heater For under table installation

The LAVA® DESK ensures perfect warmth at the desk - whether at the workplace or in the children's room. The infrared panel is also suitable to create a warm place for your four-legged friend. Thanks to the simple installation, the infrared heater can easily be attached under the table top or on the walls and provides precise heat. With a height of only 15 mm, it is practically invisible under the table and does not take up any space.

The LAVA® DESK is available with a connection cable with ON / OFF switch as well as with the connection cable ET-DESK-DIMM. With the latter, 3 power levels can be selected and 3 timer times can be set.

  • For undertable & wall installation

  • Perfect warmth at the desk

  • 3 levels adjustable (version LAVA2-DESK-80-T)

  • Timer function (version LAVA2-DESK-80-T)

  • Easy installation

  • Only 15mm thin

  • Maintenance-free

  • Without magnetic field

Voltage: 230 V
Power: 80 W
Surface temp.: Max. 70 °C at standard internal temp.
Surface: Smooth surface
Frame: Steel housing, white RAL 9016
Device depth: 15 mm
Dimensions: 70 x 28 cm
IP rating IP 21
Connection cable: 2 m incl. On/Off switch
Warrenty: 5 years
Art.No. 40914

The ET-DESK-DIMM connection cable can be quickly and easily connected to the panel using a connector. With the integrated control unit, the heat can be switched in three stages and three timer times can be set. Length: 2 m, 230 V.

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