WALL HEATING Product overview and technical data.

ETHERMA WST - Dipole netted wall heating mat (strong) for wall heating

The WST heating mat was especially developed for wall installation. It is a factory-made, ready-to-use netted heating mat with Teflon inner- and outer insulation and is used for heating rooms or sealing off the cold in walls. Because the heating conductor is only 3.3 mm thin it allows a low installation height.
Its dipole design allows it to be easily installed in the plaster or tile-adhesive layer and much more. The WST netted heating mat has only one electrical connection line and is available in two standard outputs of 130 and 200 W/m² and 42 and 230 V voltages.

Voltage 42 V and 230 V

Only 3.3 mm thin

Prevention against damp walls

Pleasant infrared radiant heat

Rated voltage: 42 V, 230 V
Output: 130, 200 W/m²
Special output: on request
Temperature-resistant: up tp 150 °C
Heating line thickness: max. 3,3 mm
IP rating: IP X7
Safety function: Residual-current circuit-breaker, 30 mA
Connection: 4 m; 2 x 1,0 mm²/1.5 mm² + Protective netting
System design: CE compiant

WST netted heating mat with 130 W/m²
For drainage of damp walls, as mould prevention, or as foreclosure against cold walls.

WST netted heating mat with 200 W/m²
For heating living spaces with pleasant infrared radiant heat and as foreclosure against particularly cold walls.

WST-130 / -200 W/m², 42 V
For heating shower stalls and shower benches.