UNDERFLOOR HEATING Product overview and technical data.

ETHERMA NST - Extremely resistant and robust for indoor and outdoor use.

Our extremely resistant ETHERMA NST netted heating matting with Teflon-insulated heat conductor was used, particularly in public areas and swimming pools and anywhere where aggressive cleaning agents are used. These were also used for open-air heating under plates and thin coverings. We have the right netted heating matting for every application - let us help you.

Power output: 160 - 300 W/m²

Custom-made special power outputs available

Connection line custom-made available

Fast heating

Only 3.3 mm thin

Safe fitting guaranteed

Chemically resistant

Rated output: 230 V, 400 V
Output: 130, 160, 200, 250, 300 W/m²
Temperature-resistant: up to 150°C
Special services: On request
Heating conductor thickness: max. 3,3 mm
Protection rating: IP X7
Protective measure: Earth-leakage circuit breaker, 30 mA
Connection line: 4 m; 2 x 1.0 mm² + protective braid
System structure: CE compliant

NST-160 W/m²
Full heating system in kitchens, bathrooms and lounges with standard insulation.

NST-200 W/m²
Room heating in rooms without or poor insulation; bathrooms, saunas, wellness areas, winter gardens and wherever heating for a short amount of time is necessary.

NST-250 und 300 W/m²
For heating surfaces in wellness areas, as well as open-air heating under plates in thin layering or in thin coatings for the renovation of ramps, where a minimal floor thickness is required. 

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