LAVA® INFRARED HEATING Product overview and technical data.


LAVA® GLAS 2.0 - DYL enables you to give your infrared heating units a customised design. We print each unit with the image, photo or logo that you want - for perfect integration into your environment.

Customised design

Optimised insulation reduces convection component

Large infrared radiation surface

Maintenance-free and magnetic field-free

Plug & Play connection system for easy individual control

Horizontal and vertical wall mountable

Voltage: 230 V
Output: 180 - 700 W
Surface temperature: max. 70 °C at standard internal temp.
Surface: 6 mm ESG safety glass
Device/Installation depth: 30/61 mm
Protection rating: IP X4
Protection class: I
Connection: Patch cord 1 m
Wall mounting: horizontally or vertically
Warranty: 5 years
Certification: EC compliant

The selection of the output depends on the heat demand of the room (height: 2.5 m) and the heating application.

The following is a guide:

20-45 W/m² Low energy and passive housing

50-70 W/m² Well insulated housing

75-95 W/m² Moderately insulated housing

100-120 W/m² Poorly insulated housing

Minimum requirements of the pictures:

Depending on the size of the LAVA, the image must also be of a certain size.
Here are the instructions for finding the image information and comparing with the table below:

PLEASE NOTE: We check the image quality and inform you if the image is printable.

FALSE RULES: Images should have at least 5 MB (at 300 dpi) or more, otherwise the quality of the print will be reduced too much.

If your image does not have the correct format for the shape of the LAVA®, send us your file with at least 5 MB at 300 dpi to marketing(kwfat)etherma(kwfdot)com and we will place your image on the infrared heater.

Note for customers:

Please remember that these are minimum requirements for a good-quality result.
The larger your image or photo, the more detailed the print will be

The image on the left has the correct size and resolution. Print result: Very good
The image on the right is too small, and its resolution is too low Print result: Cannot be used as the quality is too low

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