LAVA® INFRARED HEATING Product overview and technical data.

LAVA® BASIC-DM – CEILING INSTALLATION – Unobtrusive warmth from above

The LAVA® BASIC-DM is suitable for heating from the ceiling as well as from the wall for living rooms, offices, schools, containers. The LAVA® BASIC-DM is a 22 mm flat infrared heater that impresses with its uniform infrared heat
and aesthetics.
Mounted on the ceiling, in suspended ceilings or on the wall, the heaters are ideally suited for full area heating or zone heating. When installed in suspended ceilings, the heater is fully integrated into the ceiling. Ceiling mounting allows optimal use of the area and prevents damage caused by accidental impact. Available in traffic white colour RAL 9016 and in 6 capacities.

Suitable for ceiling and wall mounting

350, 750, 1500 W suitable for grid ceilings (625 x 625 mm)

Ideal for the ceiling due to a lightweight construction

High radiant heating effect

Maximum radiation to the front due to the optimally insulated rear

Maintenance free and magnetic field free

Voltage: 230 V
Output: 350, 500, 740, 750, 1000, 1500 W
Surface temp.: max. 120 °C at standard internal temp.
Surface: Structured surfaces
Device/Installation depth: 22/52 mm
Frame: Steel housing, white RAL 9016
IP rating IP 21
Connection cable: 1 m, 3 x 1.5 mm² without plug
Mounting: Wall & ceiling
Warrenty: 5 years
Certification: TÜV

The selection of the output depends on the heat demand of the room (height: 2.5 m) and the heating application.

The following is a guide:

20-45 W/m² Low energy and passive housing

50-70 W/m² Well insulated housing

75-95 W/m² Moderately insulated housing

100-120 W/m² Poorly insulated housing

LAVA®-LED – Effecient LED-lighting as accessory

LAVA®-LED is an accessory for the LAVA® BASIC-DM infrared heater which can be used to light rooms, workplaces, but can also serve as an effect lighting. Consisting of two white aluminium profiles and an opal polycarbonate cover for ideal light diffusion, the LAVA®-LED is attached to the long sides of the infrared heater. The LAVA®-LED is controlled independently of the infrared heater. With the optional dimming module, the LED light bars can be dimmed either by means of a wired wall switch or with a hand transmitter.

Low consumption due to LED technology

2 light colours (warm white/daylight)

Straightforward installation


Long service life due to the high temperature resistance

Optional dimming module & hand transmitter

Colour temperature: 2700K / 4000K
Luminous flux: 3000 lm/lfm
Voltage: 24 V/DC
IP rating: IP 20
Beam angle: 110°
Service life: up to 60.000 h
Output: 24 W/m

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