OPEN SPACE HEATING SYSTEM Safety and comfort all winter-long.


The BRLH heating loop is suitable for free laying in curvatures, curves, and anywhere with demanding geometrical installation structures. The installation can be done in mastic asphalt, rolled asphalt, fluid concrete, site concrete, concrete monolith, in sand- and mortar beds and under cobble stone. The dipole heating conductor has an outer insulation that is very sturdy and impact resistant - even under heavy mechanical strain. Thanks to their resistance to UV, BRLH heating loops can also be used for gutter heating by simply laying them in metal gutters. The heat conductor and cold end are asphalt-compatible!

Connection line custom-made

Custom preparation

Only one access line for an easy installation

Sturdy and impact-proof heating conductor

Increased mechanical toughness

Voltage: 230 V, 400 V
Output: 30 W/m
Nominal temperature: up to 105°C
Min. installation temperature: - 5°C
Min. bending radius: 5 d
Thickness of heating cable: 7 mm
IP rating: IP X7
Connection cable: 1 x 3 m; 3 x 1,5 (2,5) mm²
Certification: CE compliant

250 W/m² - For smaller private ramps, access roads, terraces and pavements below a sea level of 1000 m (= 3000 feet).

300 W/m² - For public ramps, access roads and pavements, parking garages, landing places etc. below a sea level of 1000 m (= 3000 feet).

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